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Can Remodeling Stir Up Sleeping Spirits?

October 18, 2011

Thank you to Lisa Kaplan Gordon and HouseLogic for this amusing reflection on what can get “stirred up” during remodeling of a property.

Over the years, I’ve had more than one friend tell me their house is haunted. Usually, the ghosts are harmless pranksters who move items on a dresser, or leave small toys in a house that hasn’t seen kids in years.

What prompts this supernatural silliness? It may be a recent home improvement project.

“When you remodel, you change the restful spirits’ environment, and it may not be comfortable with the outcome,” according to David’s Ghost Hunting Blog, which collects ghost stories. “Some may bother you just to let you know, ‘Hey! You may have changed the house, but I’m still here!”

Here are a few examples of ghost claims made during a remodel:

1. After a major kitchen remodel, a Virginia home owner believes a ghost repeatedly locks her son in the basement, even after she has removed all keys from sight.

2. Soon after a young couple bumped out the front of their house, an otherwise friendly ghost began making trouble. The ghost stole tools, pulled down drywall, and pushed workers.

3. Through the years, claims have surfaced that the White House is haunted.  Mysterytopia has pictures of a 1950 remodeling that shows, if you look hard enough, an apparition supposedly standing in the middle of the renovation.

4. The moment a South Dakota woman walked into her 1910 home, she felt that the kitchen was backwards, even though she’d never been in the house before. When the real estate agent confirmed that during a previous kitchen remodel, the configuration had indeed been reversed, the new home owner wondered if she had been receiving messages from another world.

5. Soon after remodeling began on the historic Felt Mansion in Holland, Mich., shadowy figures appeared and doors opened and closed themselves. Click on this video and decide for yourself if the mansion is haunted.

Have you disturbed the ethers during a remodel at your house? Share your otherworldly story with me!

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  1. Cassie permalink
    June 10, 2013 6:07 am

    Hi Lisa,
    I know this is an old post, but wanted to comment and give you my two cents about a couple old houses. I have owned and lived in a small 1913 Denver bungalow for almost five years now. It was a fix and flip house that had major renovations done (maybe too much because the house lost some of the “neat old stuff” it had before). We were told when we moved in by neighbors that the house was owned for decades by a married couple until their deaths. When the house was being updated by the fix and flipper there was supposedly a LOT of ghostly activity going on in the house, and the home switched hands a few times before all the renovations were done. However, we didn’t have any issues upon moving in that the renovators did as the work was done before we moved. It has been the most safe feeling house I have ever lived in overall.

    After moving into the area where I currently live I found a larger Victorian home near by that was for sale but not lived in. I became really enamored with the house and would have taken it in a heart beat to fix up if I had the money. I literally had dreams about this house for over a year. In fact I still have dreams about it although it was torn down. The owners ended up tearing the house down since it wouldn’t sell for years and years, and they assumed it was because the house needed too costly of renovations. So they took down a historic home in hopes of selling the bare land as it is a VERY popular neighborhood to live in. Odd thing is several more years have passed since then…and the land still won’t sell where that house once stood. One night after all of this I was reading a book by a local historian named Phil Goodstein as it discussed the area in which I lived. To my shock when I opened the book the first chapter discussed the house I was obsessed with for all those years that was torn down. It was apparently an extremely haunted house. The original owner was one of the first professors at DU named Ammi Hyde, and his ghost supposedly haunted the house. The house went through many owners over the years, and whenever attempts were made at renovating the house they typically got sabotaged and owners didn’t stay in the house for too long typically. I had no clue about any of this previously, I just felt oddly drawn to that house.

    I think renovations can stir up ghosts, but I also think that it depends on what the ghost thinks of the renovations and who is occupying the house. Old houses seem to have a life of their own, and they all have a different type of “person” that they would prefer in their house depending upon the “personality type” of the house itself, lol. In other words, old houses can attract or repel us depending on how we fit with their vibes and history. There is undoubtedly a different energy felt in older homes as opposed to newer homes with less history, and that is why I appreciate living in an old home so much!

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