Why Buy?

Consider me your resource for all things real estate!  Selling, buying, upsizing, downsizing, relocating, investing, vendor referrals, shoulder to cry on during renovations and more.  Just send me an email or call me at 619-888-2117.

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Appliance 911 Homestyle

    Article from San Diego Union Tribune  There are two rules of thumb for choosing between repairing or replacing a major appliance: If the appliance is old, it might be time to think of buying a replacement. And, if the repair job is a pricey one, it could make more financial sense to purchase […]

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2016 Exterior Fix-It List

    Article printed in the San Diego Union Tribune.   More people will see the outside of a home than they will ever see the interior. Beyond pure vanity, though, maintaining a beautiful home exterior will keep the structure sound and ensure a healthy resale value. It’s puzzling, then, how it can be so easy […]

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