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San Diego Short-Term Vacation Rentals

August 3, 2018


Many clients are asking about the San Diego City Council final vote on short-term vacation rentals. Here is the nitty-gritty – just the facts – taken from the La Jolla Light.


“Tough new regulations that will sharply curtail short-term vacation rentals in San Diego will move forward, the City Council decided Aug. 1, despite legal protests lodged this week by the home sharing industry.

Two weeks after approving the new rules (6-3 on July 16), which will limit short-term stays to one’s primary residence only, the Council reaffirmed its decision in a second reading of an ordinance that will now legalize home sharing. The vote was 6-2, with Council members David Alvarez and Scott Sherman opposed. Council member Chris Cate, who also voted against the regulations in July, was absent.

Under the new rules, individuals will be able to rent out their primary residences while they are not present for up to six months a year as long as they apply for a permit and pay an annual fee of $949. Three-night minimum stays in the more saturated coastal areas and downtown San Diego will also be imposed.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer had originally proposed a compromise plan that would have allowed up to two short-term rental permits for San Diego residents and one for out-of-towners, but a Council majority rejected that idea.

The Council did make one exception to the primary residence-only restriction. San Diegans who have an additional unit on the same property as their residence, as in a duplex, will be able to get a license for a second vacation rental.”

Consider me your #1 resource for all things Real Estate! If you have additional questions regarding the short-term vacation rental regulations just send me an email or call 619-888-2117 – I can help.

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